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Version: 2.18.0


Proxy is one of the essential settings when testing APIs. We can configure proxy in the request settings.

Reqable supports 4 proxy settings:

  • Follow System Use the proxy configured by the system.
  • Follow Traffic Use the MITM proxy.
  • Manual To use a custom web proxy, just specify the proxy IP and port number.
  • Unset Disable any proxy.

Follow Traffic

Follow Traffic is an important feature of Reqable, you can use Script to intercept the request. The requests will also be displayed in the traffic list without enabling the debugging.

Manual Proxy

Reqable currently only supports setting a custom web proxy. You need to specify the proxy IP and port number. The configuration method is as follows:

Proxy Protocol

If there is a need for proxy protocols such as Socks, you can configure it in the system and select System in settings.