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Flexible prices for different team sizes

How often do you want to pay?

Yearly(Save 40%)
Provide free basic features for indicidual users
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ShapeThe basic are completely free
ShapeUp to 2 API tabs
ShapeUp to 2 API collections
ShapeUp to 2 rewrite rules
ShapeUp to 2 script rules
ShapeUp to 2 breakpoint rules
ShapeSingle condition search
ShapeSingle condition auto highlighting
ShapeUp to 2 bookmark folders
Shape14 days history review
Best for team/company, 3+ seats required
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Shape1 Windows/Mac/Linux device
ShapeUnlimited API tabs
ShapeUnlimited API collections
ShapeUnlimited rewrite rules
ShapeUnlimited script rules
ShapeUnlimited breakpoint rules
ShapeMulti-condition search
ShapeMulti-condition auto highlighting
ShapeUnlimited bookmark folders
ShapeUnlimited history review
ShapeMobile platform testing qualification
ShapePriority advisory services

Frequently Asked Questions

Difference between Professional and Enterprise license?

- Professional license can be used on 1 Windows + 1 Mac + 1 Linux device at the same time, and the enterprise license can only be registered on 1 device at the same time.
- The enterprise email is a management account, which needs to enter License Manager to assign seats. Seats can be reclaimed after employees leave the company.

Subscribe permanently?

In order to ensure the continuous update of the project, Reqable does not provide a permanent subscription.

Subscribe for multiple years at once?

You can purchase for one year first, and then login to the License Manager to select your license to renew.

About the invoice?

We are currently unable to provide invoice related solutions.

Enterprise bulk purchase?

If your team/company purchases more than 10 licenses, you can contact for a lower price.

Enterprise customization and privatization deployment?

Reqable accepts enterprise feature customization and privatization deployment, please contact for more details.

Progress on mobile app?

The Reqable mobile app has not yet been released, we are still working hard💪 to launch mobile apps as soon as possible.

Mobile app selling plan

We promise that users do not need to pay extra for the mobile apps, free to use as long as you purchase a license.

Already Purchased?

If you have purchased a license, you can renew or manage your licenses in License Manager.

License Manager