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Advanced API Debugging Proxy

Modern API Development / Testing / Debugging tool
Supporting HTTP1 • HTTP2 • HTTP3(QUIC), to driving you success.

Support Windows & Mac Intel+M1+M2 & Linux
Planning to support Android & iOS standalone

What is Reqable?

Reqable = Fiddler/Charles + Postman

Efficiency. Delicated UI. Advanced Protocols. User-friendliness.

Trusted by developers

Easy to use
To make API a simple thing

With a simple interactive design, there's no need to register or log in, just install Reqable and use it!

Advanced Protocol
Keep up with the times.

Provides both Debugging & Testing with HTTP2, and the HTTP3(QUIC) Testing as well.

Better Performance
Built with Flutter

Reqable is based on C++ and Flutter, does not install a browser or run in JVM, just like a native app.

Classic & Beautiful Design
Light-burden and delicated

Built with Material Design, it supports light and dark modes, many accent colors and code highlights, and the package is only 20M.

Protocol Support
1. Fully support HTTP/1.x, HTTP2, and partially support HTTP3.
2. Support proxy protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, Socks4, Socks4a and Socks5.
3. Support HTTPS, TLSv1.1, TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.3.
4. Support Websocket upgraded based on HTTP1.
Web Debugging Proxy
1. Support rewriting, breakpoints, and Python scripts.
2. Support API review, replay, compose and highlight.
3. Support API quick filter and multi-condition search.
4. Support HAR file import and export.
API Testing
1. Support collections and history, easy to backtrack.
2. Support cookies, request authorization, proxy and performance statistics.
3. Support run with Debugging Proxy.
4. All data is stored locally offline, without worries of leakage.

Sponsor Reqable!

Reqable provides a free community edition! For the continuous development of the product, if possible, please purchase the license of Reqable Professional Edition to support us!

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