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Version: 1.4.0


v1.4.0 2023-09-14

  • 🚀 [New] Code Snippet supports cURL and Guzzle for PHP language.
  • 🚀 [New] Add Certificate application menu bar.
  • 🚀 [New] Add Raw display for request details.
  • 🚀 [New] Add Automatic Debugging switch in app settings.
  • 🚀 [New] Support reviewing Charles Session files.
  • 💪 [Opt] A prompt pop-up dialog will be displayed when Reqable exits.
  • 💪 [Opt] A prompt will be displayed after dragging unsupported files to the Reqable main window and releasing them.
  • 💪 [Opt] The session content area displays information about file or history opening failure.
  • 💪 [Opt] Opening HAR files no longer filters out CONNECT requests.
  • 🐞 [Fix] Reverse proxy certificate trust issue.
  • 🐞 [Fix] A bug where SSL handshake failure are not displayed.
  • 🐞 [Fix] A bug in which operations such as deleting, clearing, and editing bookmarks lead to incorrect bookmark selection status.
  • 🐞 [Fix] A bug in importing cURL that causes the URL parsing to fail due to the --location parameter.
  • 🐞 [Fix] The bug that the request cannot be sent due to malformed Content-Type.
  • 🐞 [Fix] The bug of incorrect application window position and size on certain resolution devices.
  • 🐞 [Fix] SOCKS proxy causing MySql database to be unable to connect.

v1.3.1 2023-09-11

  • 🚀 [New] Support Reverse Proxy now.
  • 🚀 [New] Add Proxy application menu group bar.
  • 🚀 [New] When you paste the cURL into the API testing URL input field, the import cURL dialog will automatically pop up.
  • 💪 [Opt] Cancel the certificate status detection polling mechanism.
  • 💪 [Opt] API query parameters created from the traffic list are automatically URL decoded.
  • 💪 [Opt] The URL displayed in the traffic list removes the display of the default root path /.
  • 💪 [Opt] A new Help button is added to the secondary proxy configuration page.
  • 🐞 [Fix] A bug where expanding the sidebar may cause the gateway, mirror, script, rewrite, and breakpoint to not work.
  • 🐞 [Fix] A bug where clicking the start button might cause the content layout size to jump back to its previous size.
  • 🐞 [Fix] The bug that may cause the CONNECT proxy request status to be displayed as interrupted after the gateway successfully silences the request.
  • 🐞 [Fix] The bug of incorrect Toast style used in some error prompts.
  • 🐞 [Fix] The bug of incomplete display of changelogs in the version update window.

v1.3.0 2023-09-05

  • 🚀 [New] Display the application where the traffic from.
  • 🚀 [New] Support filtering traffic according to application in the explorer.
  • 💪 [Opt] When the traffic list is at the bottom, it will automatically scroll if new data appears.
  • 💪 [Opt] The read items in the structure tree are grayed out.
  • 💪 [Opt] Added type icon display in the structure tree.
  • 💪 [Opt] Importing cURL will automatically recognize the JSON/XML type.
  • 💪 [Opt] Explorer UI details adjustment.

v1.2.5 2023-09-01

  • 🐞 [Fix] Fixed the bug that scripting broken the connection.

v1.2.4 2023-09-01

  • 🐞 [Fix] Fixed the bug that an error was reported when opening the app after updating to version 1.2.3.
  • 🐞 [Fix] Fixed the bug that the name of the opened tab could not be updated synchronously after modifying the name of the capture history.

v1.2.3 2023-08-31

  • 🚀 [New] The traffic list read items are grayed out.
  • 🚀 [New] The traffic history supports configuring the cache duration, which is 7 days by default.
  • 🚀 [New] Traffic history supports renaming.
  • 🚀 [New] Traffic history supports adding/removing stars.
  • 🚀 [New] Query parameter list viewing supports text mode.
  • 💪 [Opt] The traffic list removes gray highlighting and adds teal highlighting.
  • 💪 [Opt] Use the resident daemon process to get the CA root certificate installation status.

v1.2.1 2023-08-28

  • 🚀 [New] SSL bypass supports switch and silent mode.
  • 🚀 [New] Supports adding SSL bypass from traffic list.
  • 💪 [Opt] Automatically changing context menu text color when hovering.
  • 💪 [Opt] The right click of the traffic list supports batch copying of URLs.
  • 🐞 [Fix] An exception occurs when generating python code when the root node of JSON is a list.
  • 🐞 [Fix] The bug that localhost requests will not be displayed when the API test is followed by debugging.
  • 🐞 [Fix] The bug that the SSL Bypass requests will not be displayed when the API test is followed by debugging.
  • 🐞 [Fix] The bug that the Proxy-Connection header was not removed when sending to remote server.
  • 🐞 [Fix] The bug that some Linux systems cannot open the application and prompt GLIBCXX_3.4.26 not found.
  • 🐞 [Fix] Fix the bug that the title bar height of some Linux systems is abnormal.

v1.2.0 2023-08-24

  • 💪 [Opt] The UX of expanding the app menu bar.
  • 🚀 [New] Added code snippet for API and traffic.
  • 🚀 [New] Added Clear Cache and Reset App in settings.
  • 🚀 [New] Urlencode supports text editing mode.
  • 🚀 [New] Urlencode supports importing and copying concatenated strings.
  • 💪 [Opt] Adding quotes to URL values in generated cURL commands.
  • 🐞 [Fix] The bug that the number of checks displayed in the domain filter of the traffic list is wrong.
  • 🐞 [Fix] The bug that the request or response cannot continue to execute after the breakpoint window is closed.
  • 🐞 [Fix] Possible duplicate Content-Type header bug in API created from traffic list.
  • 🐞 [Fix] The bug that the text display error in the API query parameter text editing mode.

v1.1.8 2023-08-10

  • 🚀 [New] Support API session global settings.
  • 💪 [Opt] Important performance optimization.
  • 💪 [Opt] The storage limit of the database has been increased from 1G to 10G.
  • 💪 [Opt] The traffic history data is stored in compression.
  • 💪 [Opt] Raw body data is automatically prettified.
  • 💪 [Opt] Exiting the program no longer automatically closes the system proxy if Reqable proxy is unset.
  • 🐞 [Fix] The bug that the request header in the imported API collection is incomplete.
  • 🐞 [Fix] The bug that the API repeatedly adds the Cookie header.
  • 🐞 [Fix] The bug that auto-cookie settings is not working.
  • 🐞 [Fix] The bug that API session shortcut keys are not working.

v1.1.7 2023-08-07

  • 🚀 [New] Support export and import Reqable api collections.
  • 🚀 [New] API editor added Follow Debug shortcut icon.
  • 🚀 [New] The traffic list supports client address search terms.
  • 🚀 [New] Added a button to clear the results in the URL codec tool.
  • 💪 [Opt] Added error message display in the URL codec tool.
  • 💪 [Opt] Cleaning strategy of history cache files.
  • 💪 [Opt] API collection naming and renaming verification.
  • 💪 [Opt] Some input boxes will change the border color after getting the focus.
  • 🐞 [Fix] The bug that the remote device sll bypass does not take effect.
  • 🐞 [Fix] A bug that failed to read some traffic history.
  • 🐞 [Fix] Failed to clean up the websocket cache file after deleting traffic history.
  • 🐞 [Fix] A bug where input auto-completes were lost in traffic search items.

v1.1.6 2023-08-03

  • 🚀 [New] Refactor capture multi-session UX.
  • 🚀 [New] Supports importing API collections of Postman, Hoppscotch, ApiPost and Apifox.
  • 🚀 [New] Support for merging capture records into other session tabs.
  • 💪 [Opt] Improve application startup speed.
  • 💪 [Opt] Automatically clean up expired capture cache files.
  • 💪 [Opt] Bookmark filtering and domain name filtering conditions are changed from and to or.
  • 🐞 [Fix] The bug that the SSL traffic of the remote device is not decrypted when the computer does not have a certificate installed.

v1.1.5 2023-07-31

  • 🚀 [New] Support SSL bypass configuration (right-click the shield icon).
  • 💪 [Opt] MITM proxy is skipped if the certificate is not installed successfully.
  • 💪 [Opt] Remove the limit of 9999 repeats.
  • 💪 [Opt] Server address will also be displayed in the traffic list after the proxy connection fails.
  • 💪 [Opt] License window adds a display of the reason for restriction.
  • 💪 [Opt] Traffic list supports Home/End/PageUp/PageDown shortcut keys.
  • 💪 [Opt] The editor supports Home/End shortcut keys.
  • 🐞 [Fix] Wildcard matching algorithm may enter an infinite loop.
  • 🐞 [Fix] cURL format for copying Multipart requests in the traffic list is incorrect.