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Version: 2.18.0

Getting Started


Reqable recommends downloading the Latest Version. If you have other considerations, you can also download the Historical Version.



On Windows, you download Setup.exe and just follow the setup installation program instructions. There is currently no installation-free version available, mainly because Reqable installation requires writing the registry (associated with har and other file formats).


On Mac, Reqable provides installation packages for both Apple chip and Intel chip. If you download the DMG file, open it and drag app into the Applications folder; if you are using Homebrew, please try this command:

brew install reqable


The Linux version requires the GTK library. Please confirm whether the system has GTK installed before installation. The Linux installation program is a deb file. We currently only provide the x64 architecture version. You can install it using apt:

sudo apt install reqable-app-linux-x86_64.deb